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Textile Artist, Designer, & Educator


Monica Gross Meinhart is a textile artist, designer and educator. Originally from Rochester, New York, she moved to Austria as a teenager where she visited the secondary school for Fashion and Clothing Design with an additional course in Costume Tailoring. After working for Azzedine Alaïa in Paris, Monica returned to Vienna to study at the University of Applied Arts where she earned her master‘s degree in the department of Textiles and Design.


During her studies, Monica started collaborating with contemporary dance choreographers and has been working as a costume designer ever since. In her artistic work, she uses textiles, worn clothing, embroidery and sewing techniques as a means of tactile illustration. Materials and their haptic and associative qualities play a central role in her art.


At the heart of her work is the love of fusing meticulous research with high-end craftmanship for artistic work and design solutions.


Monica lives and works in Vienna with her husband and two children.


University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

School for Fashion Design and Clothing Technology

Vienna, Austria

Collaborations and Clients
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