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Skirt Sloper

Course Price


Course length

8 Hours

Skill Level

Advanced Beginner




Friday, 5-8pm &
Saturday, 10am-3pm

Maximum 5 participants

About the course

A sloper is a basic pattern that is used as the basis for all other pattern-making. Drafting your own patterns has many advantages. On one hand, they are unique and fit YOUR body. On the other hand drafting patterns increases your sewing and pattern knowledge since you will learn why darts and seams are placed where they are. It also makes working with commercial patterns more comprehensive.
The class is built up as such:
* Taking measurements correctly
* Drafting a skirt sloper according to your individual
* Tracing and cutting out the skirt sloper in muslin fabric
* Sewing the muslin together
* Fitting and alterations
* Transferring alterations to your pattern

Material and paper is included.

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